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Aspirin for Battery?

edited November -1 in General Discussion
The following items are listed in an article entitled 10 Pain-Free Talking Points for the Aspirin Enthusiast by Bill DeMain in the Jan-Feb 2011 issue of mental_floss magazine (page 20. I had never heard of this before so figured I ought to consult the experts... If someone could verify this, I think perhaps I need to start stocking my car with aspirin... just in case.

"7 The wonder drug doesn't just cure headaches; it can also revive a dead car battery. Just drop two tablets into the battery, let the salicylic acid combine with the battery's sulfuric acid, and you've got an instant jump!

8 Just make sure you don't have any salt on your hands. Adding sodium to the aspirin-and-car-battery combo can cause an explosion."

Truth or fiction?


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