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Radio turns on when car is off

My Radio has been turning on when the truck is off and the keys are out of the ignition. Does anyone have any ideas on an easy way to fix this ? I have a 1999 Ford ranger.


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    I'm not sure if the power to the radio is supposed to cut off with the ignition switch or not. If it is then it appears a modification to power has been made or the ignition switch is turning off like it should. There could also be an internal problem with the power switch in the radio that is allowing the radio to come on. Ebay is a good source for used radios if you end up needing one.
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    When the switch on the radio is off, the radio should be off regardless of whether or not the radio is receiving power. One cheap fix would be to put a switch in the power lead to the radio and mount the switch in a convenient location.
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    The power lead is on all the time. If you switch it off, then all the station presets will be lost, as well as the clock, the last station tuned to, and the volume level.
    There is a control lead that is switched, but adding a switch won't do any good since the problem is almost certainly in the radio.
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    The OP asked for an easy way out. If he doesn't mind tuning the radio manually, and doesn't mind not having a clock, then a switch in the power lead will keep the radio off. Since his vehicle is 12 years old, this would be an inexpensive way to solve the problem. I didn't say that it is the best way.

    You are correct if he wants to keep the radio presets and the radio has a clock which he uses. I am so used to looking at my watch that I couldn't tell you if my car clock is set to the right time or not.
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    Some radios can be turned on until you open the door. Then they won't. If you mean that it turns on by itself after that, I have noo idea how to fix that.
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