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Cracked Compliance Bushings - 2003 Honda Odyssey

My Odyssey has about 117,000 miles on it, and the Honda mechanic says my front compliance bushings are showing some wear (cracking) and need to be replaced, for safety reasons and for proper alignment. It'll cost almost $400, to do it. Is this something any basic mechanic can do? Two out of three I've spoken to have never heard of them.


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    They never heard of them because Honda has chosen a very non-discript name for these bushings. I would not dispatch this job to an apprentice level technican (one that needs constant supervision). The first time I heard of a "compliance bushing" I was sure the customer had the name wrong, but no, they had it right. Lets take a part like a brake pad, the name pretty much describes what the part does.
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    So exactly what is this bushing with "a very non-discript name"? I've never heard of one. It must be relativly new as there is no reference to one in the FSM for our 97 Accord.
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    Rubber bushings tend to crack when they get a couple years old, that does not mean they are worn. I be curious as to what the Honda Mechanic was referring too.
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    Using the Forums "search" feature will give you your answer.
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    This should be control arm bushings.
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    So, compliance bushings = control arm bushings?
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    A quick search for Honda compliance bushings replacement will bring up tons of other sites.
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