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Foreign Exchange Student getting a car!

edited November -1 in General Discussion
I'll be in Texas for a year as a foreign exchange student (J1 visa) and would like to get a car.

I'll be staying from late August 2010 until late May 2011. I'm turning 21 y/o in September 2010 and I'm getting a Texas driver's license upon arrival in August, since my country's (Brazil) license isn't valid for more than a month.

I'm totally torn, to be honest. Rent or buy?

A rental car would be a practical idea, since it already comes with insurance and the like. As for buying a car, it may consist in cheaper rates but I'm unsure on how to get proper insurance and on re-selling the car once my stay is over.

I was hoping for some sort of specific deal to accommodate my needs, but Mr. Google has let me down despite my FRANTIC searching for information on the matter.

I need help! : (


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