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PO740 code

My check engine light came on and I checked it out and got PO740 code. Which is TCC circuit malfuntion. Does this mean that the transmission has to be rebulit?


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    No it doesn't necessarily means that the trans needs to be rebuilt. The TCC is the "torque converter clutch." Its engagement is probably controlled by a solenoid and the circuit for that solenoid or the solenoid itself has a problem.

    You'll likely need a good trans shop to look at it to isolate the problem and deal with it. "Good" trans shop should be an independent local trans specialist - not a national chain shop.

    There is a good chance that the problem is minor. I cleared up a similar problem once on a Ford Escort just by doing a pan/filter service a couple of times in quick succession.

    So if your trans is due for service (pan/filter every 30K) maybe you should do it and see what happens. If you don't do things like that yourself - take it to a trans shop, ask them to check it out & service it.
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    I have to agree, the tranny may not need a rebuild. Most TCC solenoids are servicable, and inside the tranny pan. Change the fluid and filter at the same time. Remember that a tranny shop is there to sell you a tranny. A good mechanic will test for the cause of the code.
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    What year is your intrepid??

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