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2003 Ford F-150 FX-4 (4X4) Clicking noise from front drivers wheel

edited November -1 in Repair and Maintenance

I recently bought a used F-150 with 105,000 miles on it. Most of the time (not all) when I slow down do about 15 mph or less, I start to hear a clicking noise coming from what appears to be the front drivers side wheel area. The clicking is fairly loud, and decreases in frequency as I slow down and completely stops when I come to a stop. It does NOT click when going above, maybe, 15-20 mph and also does not make the noise when accellerating - ONLY when stopping...

I put it up on a jack last weekend and nothing is obviously out of the ordinary - the fender is not rubbing the wheel or something like that. The brakes are in fair shape - new pads could be used, but the rotors are fine. Could it be related to a worn pad?

It sounds like it could be from the front axle area (not sure of the name) where the wheel attaches to the axle (a differential maybe - or transfer case? Not really sure what that thing is called)

Thanks for your thoughts! It isn't a big deal, but everyone looks at me funny when I slow down!


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