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Acorns in my cars blower motor

How can I prevent mice/squirrels from hiding acorns in my car? I have a 2009 Honda Civic Coupe which is low to the ground, I have had it twice to the dealer to clean out acorns. The last time they pulled the blower motor and removed a bucket of acorns. How do the mice get in there and what can I do to prevent this? I do not have a garage to park in.
<br/> Thank you for any information.


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    Try parking somewhere else if possible like the street. Rodents will usually find a way in or around anything so they can hide food.
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    This is a real reach but you might try slopping a bunch of hot sauce around the suspected entry point. From what I have read rodents do not like hot food so maybe the smell would thwart their entry.
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    Block the cabin air intake with stainless steel wool. Chop the oak tree down.
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    Do a search on this site for the term acorns and you'll find a number of prior discussions on this topic including suggested solutions.
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