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Oil quantity of 2.4 liter Toyota Camry

edited November -1 in Repair and Maintenance
I own a 2009 Toyota Camry SE with a 2.4 2azfe engine and 4.5 qts seems to overfill the engine. I manage an oil change place where i've been there almost 7 years so i know i have the skill to do my own oil change. I used a Prolater pureone oil filter #PL14477 and 4.5 qts of valvoline 5W20 full synthetic oil. When I was done I noticed that it was overfilled by a quarter of a quart. I then lowered the oil and made it on the full mark. A couple of weeks later i had a simillar Toyota Camry come through and installed 4.5 qts of oil and again it came up overfilled. I had to lower the customers oil for him and showed it to him to verify it was on the full mark. The other day I had another Camry come in and this time i only added 4.25 qts of oil and it was on the full mark. The thing that gets me is our computer at work shows it should have 4.5 qts when replacing the filter and so does the owners manual. Is it possible that the dipstick is short from the factory leaving the oil level too high? Is there a typo in the owners manual where it should say 4.25 qts instead? I know it's only a quarter of a quart difference but i've never seen this happen before. If you have any feedback or experience with this issue i would really appreciate your feedback and thanks in advadnce.


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