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Heated Steering Wheels

edited November -1 in General Discussion
I suffer from a not-uncommon condition known as Reynaud's Phenomenon. What that means is that my fingers go painfully numb at times (and it's getting worse as I get older... rats!). Generally the trigger is cold, whether outside in the winter (I live in northeast Ohio) or in very air conditioned areas in the summer. While wearing gloves in the winter is helpful, if I get chilled, my hands are likely to go numb whether they are in gloves or not. I recently learned that some car manufacturers actually make a heated steering wheel. It sounds like a dream come true. I would prefer a car that uses regular fuel instead of premium. Any suggestions as to a car that has the option of a heated steering wheel? (I?d prefer one that uses regular fuel.) Also, is it possible to get an after-market heated steering wheel for whatever car I end up getting? The lease is up on my minivan and I?m happy to report that my kids are grown and I no longer feel I have to drive one. I appreciate any and all input on this one!


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