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Toyota Prius backup beeping

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The beeping sound heard by the caller is actually inside the car, not outside (at least is was in my '04). It is to warn the driver that the vehicle is in reverse (I think Toyota did this because of the novel shifter). Her husband probably heard it because she had the window down. Google it on the web and you'll find how to push a few buttons on the dash to get rid of the beep. I did so as to retain my sanity!


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    And there is a similar button sequence which turns off the seatbelt warning beep. All of these button sequences are very similar to the sequence one presses to reset the 5,000 mile engine service (oil change) light.
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    How to Disable Reverse Beep in a Toyota Prius

    Toyota PriusThe engine of the Toyota Prius turns off when you stop, so it's easy to forget that it will move when you press the accelerator. As a safety measure, Toyota installed a loud beep in the interior when the car is in reverse. Some people find this annoying. Luckily, it is easily disabled. This works best with earlier models.

    1. Press the Power button to turn the car on (if your foot is off the brake, you must press the button twice).
    2. Press the trip/odometer button until "ODO" appears on the dashboard (if it's already in that mode when you start the car, press the button three times to change to the trip mode and back to the "ODO" mode).
    3. Press the power switch to turn the car off.
    4. Keep in mind that, with your foot on the brake, you should press the power switch again and wait till the ready light stays illuminated.
    5. Press and hold the trip/odometer button within six seconds, and continue holding it for at least 10 seconds.
    6. Remember, while still holding that button, use your other hand to shift from park to reverse, and then quickly press the park button. Now release the trip/odometer button.
    7. Note that the trip/odometer display will show "b on" instead of miles.
    8. Press the trip/odometer button until the display shows "b off."
    9. Press the Power button to turn the car off.

    1. To reenable reverse beep repeat the procedure. "b off" will be displayed in step 7. Toggle it to "b on" in step 8.
    2. Please note that this procedure will work ONLY on a North American model Prius, not on any other model.
    3. This procedure will not work if a passenger (or any other object) is sitting in the passenger seat.
    4. To disable seatbelt beep, use same steps as above, but instead of shifting, fasten seatbelt. A passenger (or any other object) sitting in the passenger seat is required for disabling passenger seatbelt beep.
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    Is there anything left anymore that isn't driven by a computer program? Anything that doesn't now require learning programming protocols or navigating your way through menus?

    I think for my next vehicle I'll look for a '62...................
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