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87 Firebird camber caster adjustment

I recently replaced the struts on my 87 TA 5.7 and was not able to set the camber or caster because I need a special tool to adjust the strut mount without taking the weight off the front end. My car is all over the place right now and my tires are starting to show uneven wear...does anyone know what this tool is called and where I can get one? Thanks...JP


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    Why not just take it into an alignment shop?

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    I actually have access to an alignment rack in my shop but the computer calls for that special tool. I tried to do it without it but it took me an hour and 100s of adjustments to end up back where I started. I even called what is supposed to be one of the best alignment shops in Orlando and they didn't know what I was talking about. I've noticed that the 3rd gen Firebirds are a difficult breed. Even the high performance car mags kind of skip over the 3rd gens.
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    The tool is J-29724 and it's nothing more than a simple turnbuckle. No idea on where to buy one but if one must go this route then I would think it could be easily fabricated. It simply pulls the top plate one direction or the other.

    A pry bar should work as well and one wonders how in the world "one of the best alignment shops in Orlando" is aligning any of the millions of these cars on the road.
    Maybe you should ask them if they're adjusting the toe and saying to hxxx with everything else.
    Strike the word "best" from the description. :-)

    (One of my son's cars is an 88 Camaro (same thing) and alignment adjustments have never been a problem; either at home or on the rack.)
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    Thanks. I'll look up the part number for that tool. I can't believe I didn't even think about a pry bar...sometimes I guess it's better to turn off the computers and do it old school. You're probably right about that alignment shop...most shops these days just set toe and go.
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