Alignment? Or failling suspension system?

I have a '96 Thunderbird, my front tires are wearing very unevenly, inside is down to steel belting after only 7,000 miles, tread on outside is over 1/4 inch deep? I had an alignement when I put new tires on last year because of the similar thing, less tread on outside though. Last tires went two rotations and lasted 40,000 miles, tire specialist said struts looked fine last year… what is up?

Are these springs original?

As a wheel moves up and down it tilts…inward. This prevents “scrubbing”. If the springs are old and sagging the wheels will be at rest tilted inward. This should have been picked up during the alighnment as camber angle…and proably as caster also.

Something is worn out. You need to get to a good chassis shop.

They are original but I have only 92,000 miles on the car… or does age affect them?

You really need to find an alignment shop with a good reputation. You will pay more for the alignment, but you will save much more in tires.

most likly your camber is off. you also could have hit a big pothole that could have bent something. also you could have a bad upper ball joint. i have heard that this can wear a tire unevenly.

tire dude

Excessive tire wear on the inner edges is caused by too much negative camber or too much toe-out.

An alignment printout should show this information. If you have a printout you might post the specs and we’ll see what’s going on. If something is off they should have advised you of this.

Both age and miles affects them.

But, as others have suggested, we can only make guesses from here. It needs to go to a good chassis shop. Not the same one that did the last “alignment”.

I paid $110.00 I thought this place was good, I was recomended by 2 people and it has 10 good comments on the cartalk page? I don’t have the printout around anymore though, I looked high and low for it… but I have the receipt, I’ll see if they honor their work.