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ZDDP for old Pony

I have a factory original early 1965 Mustang Fastback with 288, 4bbl, 112K on engine, never rebuilt. Runs good, no oil burn. Pulling it out of storeage after 5 years. With ZDDP pulled from the off the shelf oils will an additive be needed.


needed, I’d say no, but the choice is up to you, and I bet there are a hundred opinions on this one.

Just make sure you’re using an appropriate viscosity. I’ve seen some people who will run way too high viscosity diesel oil in their old car because of the ZDDP, which if the goal is preventing engine wear, is completely counterproductive.

You can use 15w-40 “fleet oil” or now this diesel rated oil is also available as 10w-30…“Racing oil” and 4-stroke motorcycle oil all contain robust additive packages. or just add some of this.

That’s a pretty cool car…I purchased one just like it in 1965…GT Fastback 289 4V 4-speed…Took 9 months to get it because of the 4-Speed…Forest Green…Paid $3100 cash for it. Two years later, I traded it in on a 1967 GT-390 3-speed…(no need for a 4-speed with that torque) The dealer traded me for $400 cash. They wanted that '65 Fastback V8 which were very rare…The 390 was a nose-heavy pig, good only for smoke shows…

Another resource are the classic Mustang forums and clubs. Lots of current experience there…

Thanks all, looks like after a lot of reading and advice I will be adding a ZDDP additive to the crank case.