You've Got To Be Kidding Me! That's The Biggest Cost Facing U.S. Drivers? Who Knew?


I just ran across this story and found it entertaining


Yeah I worked on campus for quite a few years and at about five minutes to 4:00, when the no parking went into effect, there would be an army of tow trucks to remove all the cars still parked. It was quite a lucrative business and the contracts sought after.


More and more apparent corruption is at the bottom of the Parking Wars. Philadelphia expected to extract $45million from the Parking Authority to support city schools

but fell far short of that figure while supporting a number of highly paid political appointees… imagine that. The Parking Gestapo catch a bakery delivery driver attempting to deliver a cake to a wedding and scoop up all the profit from the deal and use the money to pay 6 figure salaries to friends of the state legislature. And the beat goes on.


I remember my first parking ticket. I was 18 and in Sioux Falls. I had Minnesota plates and a girl from school who lived there said they don’t ticket out of state cars. Wasn’t the first time I believed what a girl told me but I paid the 50 cent fine anyway and plugged the meter after that. Now getting towed out of the fire lane visiting another girl cost me $10. Huh, what’s the common denominator? Girls.