Your colleagues that passed away from covid-19 . . . what kind of vehicles did they drive?

This might seem kind of macabre at first glance . . .

But we’re all car nuts on this website

And I know I’m not the only one that keeps track of what kind of vehicles all of my colleagues, friends, relatives, etc. drive.

It just seems weird that you will never see a particular vehicle in the parking lot, because that person is gone. I kind of miss seeing those vehicles.

I want to make this clear this is NOT about politics. I never discussed such things with these particular people, so I’ll never know what their views were. They both died months before any vaccines were available. The really sad thing is both of these guys had already put in their papers for retirement and were looking forward to a well-deserved rest.

Anyways . . .

One guy drove a white 1995 GMC Sierra 1/2 ton with a camper shell

The other guy drove a silver Grand Am, the last generation, so maybe 2002, give or take a year or so.

And if there was anything memorable about the vehicles, you can add that, as well.

The guy with Grand Am apparently never cleaned the interior of the car particularly well. As long as I knew him, the hatshelf was always covered in dead june bugs. Kind of eerie to look at. The guy himself was very clean and well mannered. But that hatshelf . . .

The other guy considered his 1500 Sierra one of his prized possessions and said nobody would swindle him out of that truck.

I sure hope you guys will continue this

And I hope it doesn’t get flagged . . .

I do not know what vehicles the 2 people I know of that died from covid were driving. One a sedan, one a pickup as close as I can get.

My sister in law who died from the covid drove a white Chevy Impala not sure what year it was.

To me it is no more weird than it was before the covid when some one you knew died.What is more weird to me is the cars that you don’t notice that you might see everyday until you get one like it then you see them every where.

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I’ve only known 2 who passed due to covid. And not very well. One was a guy at my gym. He drove a F-150 pickup. Fairly new, but before the Aluminum body. The other was his wife - also a member. Not sure if she had her own car or not. They always drove together. Both were over 70 and not in the greatest shape. Maybe that’s why they were in at the gym.

I have no idea what he drove. He was a pastor that we took several holy land trips with. Pastor at another church in town. I suppose some kind of small SUV but his wife would be driving it now.

Co-worker who passed away last year from complications of an injury drove a black later 90’s F150, don’t know if hsi family kept it or not. I know what many co-workers drive but there are a few i see every day but don’t know who they belong to. I had a great conversation with the couple who regularly show up in a Porsche 356B Super 90 (that actually has at least 110hp) that we compared with a Miata parked nearby. We’ve all admired that car for several years now and the owners are more than happy to discuss the car and it’s history. …

My former orchestra teacher passed away just before the start of the pandemic in his late 70’s but they only recently had the memorial service, restrictions put a hold on the grand send off the district wanted to hold. When I frst met him in the mid-late 80’s he drove a black 1956 Chevy Bel Air sedan that he called theBlack Maraiah, He’d take a detour on his way to one of his schools to blow the carbon out on a series of rolling hills. That car was partially replaced by a new Miata in 1990 but he still had the Bel Air for hauling instruments. Not a show car but kept as a nice driver.

None I know has died of covid.

I almost died from Covid (13 days on a ventilator and 23 days in the hospital) and I drove, and drive, a Mazda6. Glad to be here!!!


We are glad you are here, too, @bloody_knuckles


Hope to see you around for a long time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m fortunate that, so far at least, I don’t know anyone that’s died of Covid.

I was an early adopter of Covid. I went to Southern California in late February to early March of 2020 and everyone in the group that went with me came down with Covid upon our return, so we definitely got it in and around Newport Beach, CA. I entered the hospital on March 26th and was on the ventilator March 27th to April 10th. I made it home April 20th and could barely walk.

I worked super hard at home with a physical therapist followed by several months with my personal trainer. I am glad to report no long term effects from my experience. My doctors are all amazed that my heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys show no damage. My strength and conditioning are better now than before Covid. I am a walking miracle!!!


Well congrats for beating it. It might have been dependent on the actual strain that was floating around also. Our pastor friend was just coming back from the holy land with a tour group and a plane load. Others on the tour quarantined but no one else really got it. At his funeral a year later, his wife said she thought maybe she got it in Israel and gave it to him. The strain that hit Israel and Europe and the East Coast might have been more potent, who knows? No one was testing then or now even.

Sorry to continue this. Glad you made it.

Good for you and I hope it stays that way.


One thing is certain. Despite my likely immunity due to Covid illness, I have still taken two doses of the Moderna vaccine (in March and April of this year) and I am getting my first booster tomorrow. Having traveled the worst possible Covid path (short of dying) I would not ever want to risk repeating it.


It’s not my place to suggest anyone’s place to pass on, my own would involve a a Super Model and a drive in my MG but of course it varies.

But personaly

…OK, leaving this last stretch up wasn’t a good call. Deleting the covid-vaccine-armchair immunology section. Thanks.

@bloody_knuckles I’m glad that you are still here with us! Sorry you were that grievously ill.

Drive through testing, drive through vaccines, drive through voting, then a drive through burger and fries and soda pop, drive up pick up of orders, close enough to cars?

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