You can go first

… and I will wait for a while…

California grants permit to Cruise for passenger rides in driverless vehicles - The Verge

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Really depends on where it is. I’d also like to see their test data.

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Yeah never volunteer. I can imagine the screams driving along along the cliffs of highway 1. Reminds me of that old joke about wanting to die in my sleep like my grandfather not screaming like his passengers.

the only one I trust driving… is me.

Was it Gohmer Pyle? We need a volunteer will one of you step forward, everyone does a step backward except Gohmer, and Carter says thank you for volunteering. What What What?

I can imagine people riding in city traffic on El Camino Real, where it’s much safer. These cars will eventually be used for taxis IMO. Might as well test them in an environment that they might eventually work in. Using them on the PCH? I doubt it.

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These things will be in cities. Being inside the thing is probably pretty safe - it’s the pedestrians who will get whacked. Maybe. Humans don’t do so well driving either.