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Yet to know if it is alignment or not

I have a 2003 Corolla that I have just bought though fairly used with about 90000km. Changed the four tyres with Michelin primacy fitted on them balancing and alignment was also carried out but to my surprise, after one month I noticed sharp wear on the two front axle. Have returned to three different garages for alignment but the challenge persist. Don’t know if it is alignment or not. HELP!!!

It’s alignment and it’s likely toe. (unless there are worn components and on a 15 year old car, that is likely.)

Also, you are aware that even after an alignment, the tire wear doesn’t restore itself? What wear already took place doesn’t get erased! The new wear pattern is on top of whatever is already there. So take that into account when judging if the problem has been fixed or not.

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if car is aligned properly than you will have proper wear on new tires
tech said alignment is to spec but you have uneven wear?
did you look at old tires? were they worn evenly or worn oddly?

They are already worn out tyres and could hardly notice the wear pattern. Would 've been a help if the changed tyres were of more new with thread.

easy to post a pic of wear. i use my ipad to do pics. dont even own a smart phone

I am going to disagree with that, Nowadays it is common for many cars to have quite a bit of negative camber - to improve handling feel. The problem is that camber leads to one sided tire wear. The thing that makes the difference between hardly noticeable to severe is toe. It is EXTREMELY important that the toe be right on the money - something easy to do, but not done in practice, mostly because the tolerances are way too wide.

Common for many new cars to have severe inner tire wear?
bad enough that OP says he can see wear in a very short time?
i think something is not right with OP’s car

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