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Xterra ODO reads more than OBC

Hello. We got this 2004 Xterra. What do you think would cause the odometer to show More miles than the on board computer showed when we had our state inspection? The story actually gets more interesting because the registration and milage disclosure shows a milage which was 900 miles less than actual and they told us to drive around until the odometer catches up with the paperwork. So when we did finally get the inspection the on board computer showed 2000 less than actual. We got this from a new car dealer as a used. What the heck do you think is going on? Thanks, Joe

Can the situation be looked at from the perspective of who would benifit from the difference? that may help solve the mystery.

I can’t believe this! A State emissions test station tells you that the engine computer mileage readout has to match the odometer readout?! This is nuts (but, probably, standard bureaucratic skulduggery). The disagreement could e (a theory) that the engine computer was changed at 900 miles. Someone specializing in ECMs may have an answer, and a “cure”.

ECM swap makes sense. But the story gets better. The rear end just went and it was fixed under warranty but it has me thinking maybe the vehicle saw ALOT of water, enough to kill the ECM and eventually the rear end, and there will be more trouble to come. Maybe Nissan has a guess. But yours is the best so far.