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XC 90 engine replacement

We have had some very serious problems with our XC90. It is a 2003. It has a new transmission $5000,( just past warrentee, but they decided to give us for free since we had been previously complaining before warrentee was up). Currently it is not starting on a regular basis. Engine does not want to turn over. The “reduced engine performance light” comes on. It seems to have the most problem after it has been running. We are fanatic about upkeep and up to date. The car has been diagnosed and the dealer says that the “tech found excessive end play at the crank shaft. Measured at .013 inches”. This requires a new engine! We have had a previous Volvo for 30 years and have always been happy with Volvo’s. My husband wrote the letter to Volvo headquarters. They have agreed to pay half the cost of the $ 11,250 new engine. They said we could put a used engine in with about the same miles that we currently have 87,000miles. What do you think? New engine or used? Is this typical for this car model?

That .013 inches is nearing the limit on crankshaft end play on a modern engine. The limit is .016 inches.

You could install a used engine at a lower cost. But I’d sure check the end play of the crankshaft before it was installed.


Trade your Volvo for a new one and let Volvo fix the motor and sell the car to someone else. Volvo would have to give a decent trade in value. Then sell your next Volvo before the factory warranty expires. Then don’t buy another Volvo.

Current Volvo’s don’t last 30 years.

I don’t see that .013 crankshaft end play would have anything to do with a no-start condition at all.