Wrx Transmission number 2 is gone

About 2 months and 3000 miles ago the transmission in my 2007 Wrx wagon went forcing me to have to get a rebuilt transmission and installed by my mechanic. The total job set me back 3600 the transmission being 2400 of that, i was able to get a break on the labor because the mechanic was a former coworker of mine and I am a auto mechanic by trade but do not currently work in the trade. He told me the transmission does not come with a warranty from the transmission build shop because its a trans for a turbo car. I went throught with the swap anyways. I got the car back and he told me 1st and 2nd gear whine a bit because it needs to break in so i took and figured that was fine because i know sometimes new gears do whine. Not even having the car repaired for 3 months 2nd gear blew up and makes an awful sound. I feel like I was given a faulty transmission and im not sure what course of action i have seeing there is no warranty on the transmission but if it is faulty is there a course of action i can take? I sunk a lot of money into this car and i cannot really afford to put an another almost $4000 into this car after less than 3 months and 3000 miles.


Assuming you have all the receipts, I would contact the rebuilder anyways.

Having the gears blow up in months is ridiculous, warranty or not

By the way, I’ve never heard of such a LUDICROUS disclaimer yet . . . “transmission does not come with a warranty . . . because its . . . for a turbo car”


These guys need to come off of their high horse already.

FWIW I would never buy an engine or trans with no warranty

If you do get this resolved, I recommend that you never deal with these guys again

Just to clarify something, is this an automatic or manual transmission? It would help to know this because I can think of a number of scenarios where any blame could lie.

As I recall when I had my auto xmission rebuilt on my Ford truck, it came with at least a short warranty, like 6 months or a year. Maybe it was two years. I forget. In any event, in the future avoid the “no warranty” xmission.

As db says above, there’s a pretty good chance the rebuild shop will make you whole on this if you contact them and explain to them what you’ve explained to us. It seems like any business wanting to stay in business would help you out. It’s their product that failed. Provided they don’t have reason to believe the xmssion was driven in any way other than just normal driving conditions.

sorry i should have clarified, the transmission is manual. It was a tough sell for me because i could have gotten a junk yard piece with a short warranty and 70,000 miles or a fresh rebuild with no warranty. Yes it seems like they don’t offer a warranty just because of the turbo which i think is ridiculous. This isn’t a 400 hp torque monster.

@pezcore your car has the factory turbo, correct?

Nevertheless, call that rebuilder up.

It sounds like an inferior product was installed

If they are unwilling to come down off of their high horse, you may want to consider giving them a bad review

“Yes it seems like they don’t offer a warranty just because of the turbo which i think is ridiculous”.
I had a 3 speed manual transmission installed in a 1954 Buick that I owned. The warranty was void if the car was converted from the column shift to a floor shift. The reason I was given was that a floor shift indicated that the driver was probably a hot-rodder. I had no intention of putting in a floor shift. The front bearing did fail on the transmission in the warranty period and the rebuilt transmission was replaced.
I think that not proving a warranty because of the turbo is ridiculous, but my guess is that to the rebuilder turbo = hot-rodder.

Factory turbo = hot-rodder

Factory turbo = speed demon

Factory turbo = doesn’t know how to shift properly

Is that what the the rebuilder is trying to imply?

If that is the case, why don’t we just void all warranties on all parts for all high performance cars?


yes indeed stock turbo

It would be interesting to have the transmission in hand and see what’s going on with it but I will say this.

Rebuilding a Subaru transmission is similar to rebuilding an old VW air-cooled unit. It is a much more technical job than most since the ring and pinion final drive is part of it. A proper rebuild involves some complex procedures and specialized Subaru only tools. This raises the question of whether a transmission rebuild would devote that kind of time and tool investment or whether the rebuild was just a case split, seals, and done type of job.

The whining due to not being broke in is bunk and it’s also possible for the final drive to whine if not done correctly.

You might have the code tag on the transmission checked and make sure of the application. Some Subaru transmissions used 1st/2nd gears with teeth that have more of a straight cut. Those will have a normal tendency to whine although it should be subtle.

My feeling is that the transmission was flawed from the start and there is one more thing to consider although it would be rare. That would be if someone used an auto trans dipstick on the transmission instead of a manual stick. The auto stick is shorter and even though it may read FULL the actual gear oil level will be considerably lower.