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Would paper that fell into the motor catch fire?

A piece of paper fall in my motor will it catch fire

Chances are it will work it’s way out of the engine compartment rather than catch fire, but there is the possibility.

Ok thanks!So do I need to just go get a oil change

Where did the paper enter the engine? Though the air intake or the oil fill cap? How big of a piece?

Paper ignites at 451°F; I think engines don’t get that hot.

It would be very unusual for a piece of paper to drift under your hood and cause any problem. Certainly it shouldn’t cause the oil to need changing.

The exhaust, especially the catalytic converter(s), can ignite paper but it would be unusual for enough paper to cause a problem to get caught under the exhaust. Parking in high grass with the engine running on the other hand can become a fire hazard.

I think this mystery piece of paper went in the oil fill opening .

Yeah I’m trying to decipher if it fell on the engine or inside the engine. And how it got in there if it’s actually in the engine.

Either way, I don’t think it’ll be an issue, assuming it’s a really small piece of paper. I can’t see anything of any size getting inside the engine without some effort. And an interesting backstory.

Parking in tall grass can be a hoot. I was a wild land firefighter for a time. Some of the volunteer guys would drive their own vehicles to a fire, parking wherever they could. I bet you can guess the rest.

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Interesting. Someone should write a book.

Exhaust header pipes or manifolds can get upwards of 600* sometimes, I’ve seen shop rags or paper towels catch fire from being on a manifold.

I’ve seen motor oil spilled on a hot engine ignite.

But I doubt a piece of paper would cause any damage.

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If in the oil filler hole, I would be a little concerned about it blocking an oil drainback hole. Maybe take off the valve cover and look for it.

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Just my take but if it was small enough to go through the oil filler (or maybe the funnel-that’s what the screen is for) it’s pretty small. But still its big enough so I don’t see how it’s going to get into the oil pan to come out in an oil change. I’d just expect the thing is going to get hammered to pieces so don’t worry about it.

I agree. If it’s inside the engine. Still not clear on that. I want to hear the backstory on how it got in there!?

I ate a little paper when I was a kid. No ill effects yet. Maybe they’ll find it later :thinking:

I’ve had the little round paper gasket from the inside lid of an oil bottle accidentally disappear into the oil fill hole before on my truck’s 302 v8. That never caused any problem.

Yeah I ate a lot of stuff too as a kid but I’ve been opened up and re-stuffed a couple of times so they haven’t shown up yet.

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