Would incorrect, model on the Title make a difference

I own a 2014 Mercedes E63S, However when I purchased the vehicle and titled it in Texas the DMV titled with the wrong model
Year Make Model
2014 Mercedes E Class ( New Texas Title)
Instead of the Original, that was titled
2014. Mercedes. E63-S ( original Title)

My issue is would this create a problem when it comes to selling the vehicle.

Why are you not asking the DMV instead of people on the web . No matter if I gave you the correct answer it would mean nothing .

you kept a copy of old title? i am waiting on new title now also. maybe i should look at my old title.

It is an E-class car, and that is probably satisfactory. Still, as @VOLVO_V70 said, you should contact your local DMV office to be sure. You might also find the answer online at the Texas DMV site. IMO, the only problem that might crop up is when you sell it, the buyer might be skeptical that it actually is an E63S. A buyer might wonder if you rebadged an E350 or E550 to make more on the sale. If the title does not have any problems, save the old one to show a buyer that it really is an E63S. The same VIN makes it irrefutable.


Thank you so much for all the answers. @jtsander Thanks for getting to the point, That’s exactly what what my concern was that if I were to sell or trade my
Vehicle in it might become a problem.
The VIN along with the warranty documentation and purchase invoice and even the state inspect paperwork correspond it being a MB Amg E63-s.
Again thanks for all the help
Worst case i should be able to take to carmax or dealership and see if this is a possible issue.
Will update

Go with the flow! I bought a 1977 PLYMOUTH Colt, sold by Chrysler (Dodge and Plymouth) dealers in those days.

The DMV registered it as a Dodge Colt since they said a Plymouth Colt did not exist! The name on the car said Plymouth in several places, but that did not deter them.

We had the car for 9 years after which it was junked as a Dodge Colt!

It seems a car is whatever DMV says it is!

I was buying a new Plymouth Horizon when I saw one on the lot that said Horizon on the front and Omni (Dodge ) on the rear. I told the salesman I would taje that one for $50 less. He laughed and said, no , they wanted $50 more for it brcause they could not get another one.:grinning:

Yeah but back then Chrysler was known to slap a Dodge label on one side of the car and a Plymouth label on the other side on the same assembly line. I suppose the sleepy guy on one side of the line just grabbed the wrong box or they ran out or something. Back when they used to weld bottles in the trunk cavities so they would rattle for the customers. Edit out snarky comment but it was 1972. Quality is job one.

This car was made by Mitsubishi in Japan and was a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer with fancy wheels. The various stickers under the hood were in Japanese as well as in English.

My brother owned one of those. His was visibly badged as a Dodge Colt.
Seemed to be a reasonable car until about 8 years later it began leaking oil from just about every seal…