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Would gas go bad in my Prius Prime?

I wonder if this is an old “husband” tale? I am interested in buying the Prius Prime mostly because I take a lot of short drives and it would be possible to go several weeks just using the electric power, which is rated at 25 miles. A guy told me that the gas in the tank would deteriorate if it is not used after a certain time. Can this really happen?

Yes, it can. 6 months is about the max for the regular gas we buy. You can put fuel stabilizer (StaBil) in with the gas if that is a concern. If you drive more than 25 miles every once in a while, that problem goes away.

The fuel is good for a year and the car will run enough that you will add enough fuel so ignore that ’ guy ’ .

You might consider an electric car rather than a hybrid. No gas or oil changes.