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Worth repair? Estimate? What parts do I need?

Highly doubtful this is worth repairing. Don’t bother buying this back from your insurance company, just take the money and buy something else.

Lets see , year and brand of vehicle are unknown . Have no idea where you are located . Can’t determine damage to unseen parts from a picture. Your ability to do collision repair is also unknown.

This is not something that can be answered on a forum. You will need a body shop and after the initial estimate some else might be found after the work is started.

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Sorry, it couldn’t let me put the make and model through my phone, it’s a Toyota Camry 2002, I live in California

How much can you buy a 2002 Camry for? I would suspect the repairs would cost more. But the only way to be sure is to get a qualified estimate.

That has to be $6000 worth of repair work requiring not only new parts but welding and metal pulling and painting. The car is totaled. Time for a new one.


I couldn’t even get $1500 for my 02 Camry. Probably eventually end up just giving it to charity. So in my opinion that isn’t even close to being worth repairing. Take the insurance money and RUN.


What parts do You need?
Sorry, but way to many. That car is done, well done.
Time to go shopping.
Best of luck.

TOAST!!! Move along.

Yes, @VOLVO_V70 might be a little direct, but he is correct. You have two or three counts against you. 1. You live in high cost Kalifornia, 2. It’s a 2002 model, 3. You have to ask what you need which means you can’t do it yourself. End of road. Time for new car.

The best way to get a parts list is to get an estimate from a body shop. They will list everything needed including part numbers, labor hours, paint, etc. It’s all on their computers. Then add about 20% for unknowns.

One bedside panel painted and installed on my truck that was hit recently cost around $3k at a body shop. In Mississippi. I imagine in Cali it’ll cost more. And there’s a whole lot more to replace on that car than just one panel…