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Worst Question Ever

This is an odd question, but we got money riding on it. It about a cars cooling system. At any given time:

What percentage of the coolant is in the radiator?

What percentage of the coolant is in the engine block?

What percentage of the coolant is in the hoses and or heating system?

We got answers ranging from 90,5 and 5 to 65, 25, and 10.

Any insight anyone???

All of the factors in your question are variable, depending on vehicle and model. So it can not be answered. But as a guess, a ballpark figure, 65%-70% in the block, 20% in the radiator, 10-15% in the plumbing…

This is highly dependent on the design of the engine and the cooling system. Larger engines will likely have a higher percentage in the block than smaller ones. My personal guesses would be 35% in the radiator; 55% in the engine; 10% in the hoses.

Sense this question excludes coolant from the reservoir, heater core/hoses, heads, and lower intake manifold the total some of the question I guess is 80% or less.

Edit: Oops, the question did mention heater and hoses, make that 90%

The old question about which car wins the race, with the Barracuda and the Mustang as the contestants is almost as good. It depends on lots of other information that matters “not so much” as which Barracuda and Mustang.

It varies greatly from one car to another.

Nobody is going to win this bet. It will certainly be a draw since radiator size and engine size are not proportional in every model. The same goes for hoses and heating systems.