Worn Drivers Side Tires and VW Dealership recommendation

Hello all.

I own a 2000 Golf TDI and currently have some excessive wear on the outer edges of my driverside tire. I have taken it to a VW dealership and they recommending both tie rods and a alignment. Is it not possible to just get an alignment or is this something that is NOT adjustable?? Plus I believe the tie rods both inner and outer on this particular VW is one complete piece.

Please help! They want to charge $500 and not sure what really needs to be done.

Thanks in advance


Take the car to an alignment shop for another opinion. You don’t need a VW dealer for this problem.

Sounds like you hit something on that side…maybe a curb??? We hearing the whole story???

As mcparadise said…take it to a alignment shop. The dealer may be right…and if the tie-rods are bad the alignment isn’t going to help much.

One more vote for taking it to an alignment shop. If you need the tie rod ends, you really should get them replaced. This is your steering system you are talking about, which ranks as a very close second in terms of the vital systems on any car (brakes are most important). Also, it is impossible to do an alignment with loose tie rod ends. You may be able to get everything “in the green,” but it won’t be right and you will still have unusual tire wear.

Register another vote for an independent alignment shop.

And also for new tie rod ends if they determine them needed.

This repair does not have to be done at a VW dealership and the tie rod assemblies are not one piece.

Wear on the outer edge of the tire means either the alignment has too much toe-in OR the car has been whacked due to a collision or curb strike. This could tweak the suspension and cause too much positive camber which will also wear off the outer edge of the tire.

I would think if it were a toe issue then both sides would be affected but an alignment check would be a good first step. This could help to determine if the camber is off. Sometimes an astute eye can determine if the camber if off enough to matter but that depends on the amount in question and the person doing the eyeballing.

Had any recent tire rotations? Sometimes camber on the rear wheels is not within specs and if a worn tire is rotated to the front then someone may go in later and assume the front is really the problem instead of the rear when the wear is noticed.