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I have a 93 jeep wrangler 4cyl 5 speed.Just wondering how much trouble it would be to replace timing chain?also what it would cost and what special tools i need?this is what my mechanic said my old boy needs ,and i think he is too high.

Timing chains are a lot more involved then a timing belt. A chain is lubricated with oil…which makes things more complicated.

On many vehicles you have to drop the oil pan (this could be a real pain). There are gaskets and chain guides to also deal with.

Try changing it yourself if you have never failed to complete something in your life. You need the experience at failure. That said, there is a possibility that you have the old style, cam in block engine and it is a very easy job. If the manual then says that the oil pan does not have to come off, you will experience success. You may just need a socket set and a puller for the balancer. Cheap. You will have to read the manual for the specific engine in the Jeep. If tyou have an overhead cam, see the first two sentences and read the manual. Find a friend who has had some training. That’s the easiest way. He won’t even get his hands dirty if he is good at giving instructions.


You do need a good manual. In the event that a special tool is required and there is no “work around” and nothing available locally, then the folks at Miller Special Tools should be able to help you out. They sell tools for Jeep, Chrysler. and Dodge.

Keep them in mind if you get in a bind.

I ordered a tool online and received very prompt service.
I odered mine by part number, as I had a “factory” manual, but I’m guessing they could figure out what you need.

Click this link: