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Woman Obeys GPS That "Told" Her To Exit Onto Railroad Tracks!

Should these folks be sharing the roads with us?

I worry more about the many who text.

drive down the road that is flooded? you can see the water?
but your brain assumes the gps knows better?
i see the train tracks. hmm, i have never thought it was ok to drive on them
but, the gps says it is the proper route?
i think the cops should revoke her license. as if that might slow her down?

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Stuff like this happens when the GPS maps aren’t updated.

Good thing the tracks were clear!

Your car kissing headlights with a freight train could ruin your whole day!

It could be from lack of updates,
But it could also have been done on purpose by the map maker. ALL maps have errors on them, they are there so the map maker knows if someone copied their map.
The errors can be anything from putting a road where no road exists, to not putting a road on the map, or miss spelled names.

The GPS maker assumes the driver is smart enough to tell that a road isn’t there and not to take that turn.

I wonder if there is criminal liability for encouraging people to kill themselves. On that basis, I’m skeptical of your assertion about dangerous Easter eggs in the maps.

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That may be true for printed and copyrighted material but I doubt it for the GPS units. I think the difference by manufacture is of features and lists of services .