I have a 97 GMC Sierra - runs down the road smooth as can be, but when you brake - the front end (steering) wobbles, especially at higher speeds - at low speeds it sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t, but if it does it not as bad. What could cause this?Had new front brakes less than 6 K miles ago. Thanks !

This could be as simple as warped rotors, but on an 11 year old vehicle there could be other problems like worn tie rod ends. I’d suggest taking it to a good reputable independent shop for a look-see.

but if it were tie rod ends - wouldn’t it wobble all the time, not just when braking ? and like I said the brakes were just done…just doesn’t make any sense

The ball joints are a problem with these vehicles. Having one fail at speed is no laughing matter, so have the situation checked out, pronto.

If the rotors ARE warped the reason may be from the tireman over-torquing the wheel stud nuts.

Check the torque value for those stud nuts and compare that to the torque on the stud nuts now.

I may be mistaken but I think the torque for your truck should be 140 ft lbs.

had the whole thing checked out all parts good, - was the rotors - turned them and good as new - thanks !