With 15W40 oil at 6*F the old Blazer started

After more than 2 weeks without starting and the overnight temperature down to 6F I took the Blazer to do some running this morning. With 15W40 oil and a 5 year old battery it did turn over somewhat feebly but started and after a few seconds of timing chain chatter it ran smoothly and and quietly. I don’t recall ever driving the Blazer at such a low temperature and with the HEAT/DEFROST on high the temperature gauge never reached the normal temperature.Maybe if I had driven long enough to get the interior totally heated up and turned the fan down the engine would have gotten hotter but I’m not complaining. I did my running around without any problems.

I usually turn the fan to 1 on defrost until the engine has heated up. That keeps the window from fogging up too badly from my breathing, while still giving the engine a chance to warm up without dumping so much of its heat into the cabin prematurely.

I’ve been rather pleased with my 11 year old Acura. Temps as low as the negative-teens and it still starts right up after sitting all day. More than I can say for the fleet of brand new Escapes at work. They do start, finally, but they’re very cranky about it.

But bring on the cold! I’ll be in the Caribbean in a couple of weeks raising a boozy drink in toast to all my poor freezing friends back home. :wink:

15W40 oil?

It’s no wonder why the engine shattered when started cold.

The engine was screaming, “Oil! I need OIL!”


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Where in the Caribbean can you go that wasn’t hurricaned into oblivion @shadowfax?

Western Caribbean was largely untouched. Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Mexico, etc.

Can we depend on you keeping us posted about how much fun you’re having while we continue to shiver through the winter?

As much as I’d love to rub your noses in it, I have a personal policy of no cell phone/internet on vacation. I have to stare at screens all day every day for work, so that goes in the room safe the minute I’m on board.

But I’ll be sure and look for the cool/oddball cars you tend to see in the Caribbean and get some photos for when I get back. :wink:

I won’t be freezing. I’ll be in Florida. Oh wait, it’s been pretty cold there. Just have to take my chances but we have been there when its only been a few degrees different than Minnesota. But really, 6 degrees isn’t cold, its balmy. I dunno, 6 below or ten below or 16 below, I’ll agree is cold.

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I am with @bing… chillin’ in Florida. Supposed to be below freezing tonight but back to 80 on Saturday.

I used to travel to Florida for business. I recall the locals complaining about how cold it was. Their daily low was higher than our daily high back home. I just shook my head.

Hey, live here for a couple of years and you, too will think 60 degrees is cold! My first year here, I saw folks in down coats, hats, and gloves out for a morning walk at 50 degrees while I’m wearing shorts and t-shirt. I laughed at them. I don’t do that anymore.

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The last time I was in Florida in January it got down to 40F. It was so cold they closed the topless carwash. True story.

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Full size Blazer? :smiley:

What year?

It’s an '89 S-10 with the 2.8L V6.

That reminds me of my trip to Thailand. The airport isn’t AC’d, and when I got off the plane it felt like I was entering a blast furnace. A blast furnace with 95 % humidity. I quizzed a local about the temps I should expect during my visit. He said it was indeed a little hotter than normal that day, but the week prior he said they were having a cold spell, cold wind blowing down from China. How cold I say? During the “cold spell” it was 82 degrees high during the day, 68 low at night. lol

The ol’ '89s internal wear may have operated to its advantage!
Good to hear it runs so well.

No wonder it started with 15W40. I think those rod bearings have a clearance of about .090".

Good for you for starting the ol’ Blazer up every once in while and taking it for a short ride. Once I adopted that routine for my ol’ Ford truck, taking it at least for 5 mile drive twice a week, I immediately noted fewer maintenance and repair problems.

When it gets that cold here (a not uncommon occurrence), I plug in my block heater. :wink: