Wiring problems

who out there can give me an idiots guide(me being the idiot)to simple re-wiring so i can start and use my car again.i drive a 2000 plymouth neon.
any help in this matter would be GREAT.thank you.

With this limited amount of information, I have no clue how you expect any help, to be quite honest. What is wrong with your car?

I couldn’t agree more…I used to be an ICE installer for over 10 years…so I am a Wiring Wizard…if I do say so meself…lol…

BUT I/we simply cannot help you here…WHAT on earth are you asking us?


Year 2000 cars have computerized controls and the term “re-wiring” becomes almost meaningless in this context…

If the wiring has been severely damaged by fire or a massive short circuit, the car is totaled…

Is the OP asking how to “hot wire” his Neon? Perhaps he has lost the key(s) and can’t make a working key? I think you need expertise that can’t be shared here.

There’s not enough information to help you out. We need to know exactly what it is you’re trying to do. What needs re-wiring, the engine management system, the ignition switch, the ignition system?

Let me ask the next logical question:
What color is the car?