Wiper problem

My 2002 Honda CRV windsheld wipers often start slamming all the way to the door pillar and then back down into the ‘park’ valley. Why would this happen? Can I fix it?

Does this happen when the wiper switch is on or does this happen on its own?

Only when wipers are turned on, and not every time, sometimes they work properly. Best luck when wipers set on slow speed, and they almost always go too far when set on fast cycle. Thanks.

Is this something that just started happening? Has anything been done to the wipers recently? New blades installed, anything at all?

I just when through a nasty Wisconsin winter and had to get frozen wiper blades out of ice & snow a few times. Think chop-chop, pull-push… Also, replaced (mutilated) blade inserts with Honda parts for spring rains.

The wiper arms may be loose on their shafts, or in the wrong position. All that chopping and pulling may have moved, bent or damaged something. If the wipers are not returning to their correct “off” position they will hit the windshield pillar, but if they’re slamming in both directions I’m thinking the arms are loose.

Thanks, I’ll check it out.