Winters coming and I have no heat

I have two problems actually,my speedometer no longer works and Ihave no heat. I have put in a new thermostat and bled the coolant at the appropriate bleeding sites also when it does want to blow heat the heat only comes out of the passenger side vents only (dual temerature controls) and the fan blows appropriately. Can you help me?

They’ve been making Impalas for a long time. What year is yours?

If you’re occasionally getting heat from the passenger side vents I’m going to assume the heater core is hot.

The fact that you have dual temperature controls tells me this is a complex HVAC system; lots of flaps, doors, and perhaps an electronic control unit. The problem could be with one of the actuators, or a sensor somewhere, or (worst case scenario), the controller itself.

Diagnosing the problem will most likely require a service manual. Do you have a service manual for this car? If not, I suggest you take the car to a shop that specializes in automotive heating and cooling systems. They have the expertise and experience to correctly diagnose and repair problems such as yours.


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