Winterizing an Audi



How do you winterize an Audi? Here in Interior Alaska, we regularly see an ambient temperature of 50 to 60 degrees below zero. All my other cars have a block heater, an oil pan heater, an a battery heater. Apparently, on Audis, you cannot install a block heater. So, any suggestions on what I do?


Just make sure that the coolant is O.K for that temp and drive one of your other cars until May.


If the head has freeze plugs, you can put a heater in. The Audi may even be able to start in low temps, but -60 is a bit much for any car. Some of the Alaska folks also own a trailer in Az. or NM and stay there for the winter. The answer is to get rich I guess.


They make a aftermarket coolant heater that goes in lower radiator hose.