Winter type tires

If any of you live in the part of the country where you have snow & ice in the winter I would like your comments on two brands of tires if you have used them. Because in parts of BC. canada the law is you must have winter tires. The 2 brands I am thinking about are winter tires that can be left on in the summer. Hankook Optimo 4S & the Nokian G2 I know they are expensive but would like your comments. Thanks in advance. Honda Bill

I have not. But there are other brands that give as good traction in winter but are noisier and do not handle as well that I use because (they are cheaper). I accept the limitations of a cheaper but good traction tire because I wear them out and I accept the limitations. Winterforce tires have good winter, excellent rain traction which we get in the winter and good wear but are noisy and mediocre handlers for example. People I know who own Nokian seem to like them, I don’t like the price even though I have a friend in the tire business who sells them and can get a discount…it’s still too much.

I would tend to have two sets of tyres (In fact I do) and keep the winter for winter and the summer for summer.

Winter tyres then to wear more quickly in the summer than summer tyres. In the long run it is likely cheaper to have two sets and rotate them.

I personally don’t believe there is a safety issue, but noise and tread life are likely to suffer. Good Luck