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Winter corrosion

While I was in the service (Navy) I had occasion to spend several thrilling sessions aboard ship in drydock for overhaul. If you’ve never lived aboard a drydocked ship in August in Charleston, S.C. while the air conditioning amongst other things were under repair…you learn altogether new techniques for drying off after a shower…but to get on to the point of this question:

During those dry dock periods, they always changed the zinc anodes on the ships’ hull to deter salt waster corrosion. why couldn’t zinc anodes be used on the chassis of an automobile to save it from the ravages of winter road salt?

Thank you

Money & weight.
In theory they could, I’ve seen plenty on bridges too.

More weight reduces mpg and heaven forbid the feds get wind of that.

Then there’s the routine maintainence surpeise for the 99% of owners who never read their manual…“you need to replace my WHAT ?? for how much ??”

A number of reasons. In part because the ship will be in contact with the water when in use and your car will not due to the rubber tyres which will change the electrolysis effect.