Winter car storage

i need advice on how to store my 89 toyota 4-runner as simple as possible - it lives outdoors in nc mts from nov till march - there will be snow and below 32 temps some of the time - i have to drive it the day i return - i have no one to car sit it this year as in the past

Outside huh?

Well, if it’s going to be parked on grass or dirt, the first thing to do is lay down a vapor barrier below the vehicle. This can be purchased from any home improvement center. 3 mil poly does the trick. This prevents the ground moisture from rusting out the underside of the vehicle. But it will kill any grass under the vapor barrier.

Add a fuel stabilizer to a full gas tank before parking it over the vapor barrier.

Remove the battery and store it in a cool dry place with a battery maintainer. If no battery maintainer, expect to replace the battery when restarting the engine.

When after that time, you should be able to install the recharged/new battery and turn the key and drive off.


Fogging oil in the cylinders would be good, put the tires up on blocks, but if nothing but fuel stabilizer and a battery tender was done I would expect no problem from any of my vehicles. Caviot as long as the antifreeze was within specs.