Windshield issues

HOW do pine needles and small leaves get under wiper blades when the car is parked, and WHY are the always right in your line of site! This has happened with every car I’ve owned.

If You’re Not Driving The New Nissan Leaf, A Toyota Sequoia, Or A Dodge Aspen Then It Can Easily Be Explained By Just A Rudimentary Understanding Of Murphy’s Laws.



Oooo, My father had a Dodge Aspen when I was a kid! Maybe it all STEMS from that!

They don’t. They can’t. It just seems that way.

I have a theory on the line-of-sight issue. God puts them there to encourage us to clean our windshields more often.

it works the same way a semi truck drives by between you and paradise, just when that delicious number in a mini bends over to take something out of the trunk.

But I’m a lazy girl! The wipers are supposed to clean the windshield for me, not muck it up more… :~(

most windshield wipers have a feature built into the arm that allows you to lift them up and they will stay up off the windshield. This is handy when you are washing or waxing the car. If you are parking in a place with a lot of trees, just flex up the wipers, and run a damp cloth along the blade, then across the windshield to start the window cleaning process and make those pesky wipers work right dear.

That LEAVES Me Speechless ! I Was STUMPED Before, But Maybe You’re A CHIP Off The BLOCK.


The leaves aren’t under the blade -YET- until that first milisecond as the wipers begin to rise…( and you suddenly realize, again, that you should have cleared them first )…right over the leaves, trapping them under.

My conundrum question ;
If they can become trapped so effortlessly…
Why on earth won’t they dislodge as easily ? ? ?

This…is the twilight zone .

You’re not alone. It happens to all of us. The leaves and needles aren’t actually under the wiper blade until you turn the wipers on. As soon as the wiper moves it traps the needle or leaf under it.

Right in your field of vision.

If I see needles or leaves on the wipers I brush them off before I start driving.