Windows shot out? Or other cause?

"Since July 24, the sheriff’s office has received three reports from citizens whose windows were shattered as they drove on either C-470 near Alameda Parkway or on U.S. Highway 285 near Highway 8.

On July 24, a man was driving east on C-470 at Alameda Parkway when the passenger window of his truck shattered. No one was injured and no projectile was found.

On Nov. 14, a man was driving south on U.S. Highway 285 near Highway 8 when he heard a gunshot and the driver’s side window shattered. No one was injured and no projectile was found.

On Nov. 19, a woman was driving west on C-470 near the Alameda Parkway when she heard a “loud boom” and the rear driver’s side window shattered. No one was injured and no projectile was found.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office told 7NEWS that after that our report aired, more drivers came forward saying their windows also had previously shattered while driving, but that they just had never reported it to authorities. No new cases have been reported since the Nov. 19 case."

Yep, that’ll happen. Good thing no one was hurt. I think it is quite possible to shoot out a window and leave the projectile somewhere else on the road or field.

Would a projectile shatter the window and bounce away?
I’d expect it to penetrate and if no exit through another window or open window, to be found in the vehicle.
I would examine the glass granules for lead.

For only one window to shatter the bullet should have remained inside the vehicle. My money is on a rock.

Pellet guns can shatter side windows too. The tempered glass is specifically tempered so that anything that causes it to begin to fracture results in total shattering into small shards. And pellets being so small, they can be hard to find after.

My guess? Poorly parented kids with a pellet gun.

Here is a discription of the safety glass used in cars. They can and do shatter easily under the right conditions. I believe they can do so if shot with a small cal. that will bounce off while not penetrating. A rock or other non penetrating hard object could as well. Like, maybe a ball bearing shot from a sling shot.
The device used to shatter glass when caught in a submerged vehicle works in a similar fashion I believe.
The only vehicle made immune from such damage that A heard a rumor about is a Ford Expedition. Try it out Robt and see if it’s true.

Maybe somebody throwing an ice ball. No projectile, as the ice would melt or be blown away. But if any ice did get inside, I guess you’d see an unexplained puddle of water on the floor.

When I was a kid my friend and I would throw snow balls at cars, but they were made of soft snow, would just bounce off, never damaged anything. But I suppose kids might use ice balls if they couldn’t find snow balls.

Kids throwing rocks at cars from bridges over the highway my guess. Had the same thing happening 40 years ago.

If the bullet (pellet, whatever) hits at a low angle, it could shatter the window and be deflected.

I know it’s natural to immediately think of some one shooting a gun at car windows but this is much less likely. Shooting at cars with passengers is an assault with a deadly weapon which is felony which depending on the state is mandatory jail time.

Just throwing rocks at a moving car is a simple assault with people in the car and could result in a big fine and time in jail.The movies are filled with gun fire at cars, but in real life, even in law enforcement, it very seldom happens.

It’s as bad as just shooting at passerbys walking and attempted murder could easily be one of the charges brought against you. A pellet gun can be construed as a dangerous weapon.

Snow balls thrown at moving vehicles may not produce damage you can see at the time, but shallow dents in the doors and fenders are a distinct possibility .

I also believe some kid is having too much fun

In any case, I hope that kid gets appropriately punished

I’m NOT in favor of the belt buckle, but some community service would be in order

Perhaps a few weeks picking up trash along the freeway

And the sheriffs should have a nice long talk with the parents

I’d tend to agree, however the paper reported a gun shot was heard at least once.

I question the gunshot report. A breaking window will make LOTS of noise.

Some kids get a perverse kick out of destroying property. If you’ve ever wondered why the pedestrian overpasses on I-94 are screened in , now you know. My sister-in-law was on I-94 a few years back and as she neared a regular overpass someone threw a “body” over the side and it landed and caught on her hood (big old Cadillac). It turned out to be a straw dummy in coverall.

She exited the nearest off ramp and pulled into a Dunkin Donuts. At the same time, a highway trooper pulled in as well for his favorite coffee & donuts. My sister-in-law is cool under any circumsatances, and she explained: “Officer, this is not what it looks like”!