Window shatter/tilt alarm in addition to Ravelco

I would like to purchase the Ravelco system to prevent my car from being stolen (it will prevent the car from; however, I want to be notified of break-ins to the car and if it is towed away by thieves. Break-ins have been more frequent around my apartment and I cannot get out of my lease yet.

Any suggestions on the best anti-tilt or window-shatter alarms that alert you by pager? Are there other precautions I should take besides the ones mentioned above? (yes, my valuables are with me and not in the car).



Crutchfield has a couple brands with pagers.

Google ‘car alarm with pager’ , there are many.

Thank you for the Crutchfield suggestion. I have googled for the alarms, I just wanted some honest opinions on ones people have used.