Will the van do ok with the riding lawn mower in it?

Hi got a free riding lawnmower an need to move it 1600 miles east of here in OR to NE. It fits into our 96 ply van. Is this too much weight to carry on the freeway for the trip? Van Tirese are new .

Yes, i too am amazed it fits in but makes me so fond of vans carring abilities.

We have no idea how much it weighs. If it is a consumer mower, likely it will not be a problem if you are not also filling the van with people luggage etc. Make sure you totally drain all the fuel from the mower, including the tank and the rest of the fuel system, and drive with the windows down at the beginning of the trip. Stop and open things up if you start smelling gas.

Your owner’s manual will tell you what your maximum load carrying capacity is. Any Sears store can give you a really good idea of the weight just by comparing a similar unit.

Chrysler built your van to carry up to 8 overweight male adults; that’s about 7x200=1400 lbs in addition to the driver and luggage. I’m sure your riding mower weighs less than that.

However, I would make sure it is secured well so it can’t move when you suddenly have to brake.

No worries. Ridng lawnmowers don’t weigh that much, certainly less than 4 adult passengers. Joseph offered excellent safety advice.

You may not exceed the gross weight capability but where you put that weight might make a difference. They didn’t plan on 4 obese men crammed in the back for example. Where in the van will the mower be riding? Centered would be best and have the least impact on weight distribution (braking, steering etc).

One move thing: Use the seat brackets in the floor to anchor the mower, using ratcheting tie-downs.

All excellent answers group.

I don’t have the exact weight for my ride on mower but I don’t have any problem putting it on its side to remove and sharpen the mulching blades. On a guess I’d say maybe 250-275 lbs.

Just tie it down for safe motoring and have a good trip shadetree.

Like JEM suggested, open the rear quarter windows and a font one for flow through ventilation.

Thanks great advice.

Thanks will tie down the mower. am smilling to think- a mower in the van what next…

If that mower fits in there, it’s not too heavy. Have a nice fuel removed trip. There are places that will weigh the truck for free without and with the mower. If it isn’t free, it will be cheap.