Will Not Fire Up

What is the best or most effective way to diagnose a car that will not start. I have already tested each spark plug individually, and each is working. In addition, I have checked the gap points, which were also fine. The car is a 1964 Ford Galaxy.

All new points should be filed before use or they may not work. If they are not new, make sure they both open and close. Is the rotor broken? If the ignition wires are as hard as rock, replace them. Look down the carburetor barrels and see if fuel squirts when you open the throttle.

Check camshaft timing. Set the timing marks on TDC and see if the rotor is pointing at #1 cylinder or 180 degrees the other way. Either way should be OK. You should have a Galaxie if I am correct. Galaxy is the wrong code.

old gas? Choke working? flooded? does it fire?

Try to start it in the dark with somebody watching under the hood for stray spark…

what would cause stray spark and how do you go about fixing that problem?

Check the ballast wire or resistor. A bad one can cause a no start condidtion.

Ed B.

how do you check either one?

how do you set the timing marks on TDC?