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Will my 2018 Mercedes-Benz G-Class be as dependable as my Subaru in winter?

Sir,I went from a Subaru Legacy four, in twelve years to a new Gla 250 fourmatic. Can I expect comparable dependability as the Subaru will this car perform well in Northeast Ohio winters as well as the Subaru. Thank you.

Not sure who you are addressing with this post. But you already have the vehicle and now seems a little late to be asking questions like these. All I can say is at the end of warranty period only you can decide to keep or replace.

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With complexity comes some increasing unreliability. If you new MB has features and functions your old Subaru didn’t have, expect it to be at least a little less reliable than the Subaru. MB makes excellent quality cars, so I doubt you’ll notice much difference in reliability; however when the MB needs some fixing or maintaining at the shop, the shop fee may be higher.

Sorry George, I had to fix that for you. :wink: