Will Ford's "intelligent 4WD" work on sand?


I love to drive the beaches of Cape Cod and want to know if intelligent 4WD is sufficient to get me on & off the beaches–without having to be towed by annoyed Park Rangers. Am thinking about replacing my 1991 Geo Tracker 4WD with an 07 Ford Escape, but not if it’s not good enough to work in the loose sands at Race Point.

Anyone had any beach experience with the Ford Escape?


The beaches of Cape Cod have all been closed to motorized vehicles because of nesting sea-birds. Please take your SUV’s and trucks and go play someplace else. There are enough vehicles on Cape Cod without having to put up with them on our beaches…


OUR beaches? How proprietary-- First of all, they belong to the nation, and second of all, I live here too!


By the way, the beaches aren’t closed to vehicular traffic. The National Seashore has opened corridors throughout.


What a unique vacation! Go to the beach and get run over by some motorhead with a $100 bumper sticker…

90% of Cape Cod National Seashore is CLOSED to vehicle traffic…(Thank God). The motorheads are kept in their own little play-pens.


For you it’s a vacation; for the rest of us, a way of life.


I think the Ford’s 4wd system will be fine, it will help keep your tires from spinning in the sand and digging holes.

And as for the other posts…There are plenty of beaches for everyone.


Why don’t you try driving on the beach as part of a test drive before you buy an Escape. That should answer your question.