Will Electric Vehicles Need Transmission Fluid Changes?

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I was researching the maintenance of EVs recently and discovered that the Mustang Mach-E requires its transmission fluid changes at 150 or every 10 years. Yet, the Tesla Model Y does not require it ever. All EVs I know of use a transmission. Here is my question: “Do you think that these 1-speed transmissions will require fluid changes on the order of 30K, 50K, 60K or similar to achieve a long lifespan?” Many internal combustion engine-powered vehicles no longer recommend trans fluid changes, but I think the group will agree it is still wise. What is the opinion of the group for these “single-speed” transmission units? If you are a mechanic, please say so in your comments. Thanks folks!

I don’t call a one-speed a transmission, I call it a gearbox. With no shifting or stopping/starting, the lubricant should last a LONG time.


Thanks. I’m with you. GM, Ford, and Tesla all call that unit a “Transmission” in their owner’s manuals, so I stuck with their wording. I agree the word is not ideal.

We all know that marketing is driving it, not technies… so I would have some health skepticism to the “lifetime” definition.


An EV transmission is essentially like (and may contain) a differential. I change my diff fluids more often than the manufacturer recommends.

I would do the same on any EV. Likely I would change the 1st time at 1500 miles or so and every 50k after that.

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I do not need the car to last forever, I’m not gonna live that long :slight_smile:

Still, I would agree that 50/100K change would be quite reasonable.

Nissan only says to inspect the transmission oil at specific intervals but some owners are changing it before 100,000 miles.

I’d ask the manufacturer whether they would be willing to extend the warranty on the transmission to a period that’s at least as long as the time set for a fluid change. So if Ford says 10 years, 150,000 miles then fine, the warranty is 10 years, 150,000 on the transmission, parts **AND ** labor.


I have never changed trans oil/fluid in any car, and I sure won’t start the practice with an electric, especially since it’s never caused a problem.

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