Will changing OEM tire size damage my 4 wheel drive?

I have a 2005 Toyota Highlander with 225/70/16 tires. Can I change all 4 of my tires to a different size (ex:225/75/16 or 220/70/16,etc) or will that damage my 4 wheel drive, speed sensor and/or cruise control?

It may change your speedometer’s reading, and tires other than those specified for the car by the manufacturer will effect your Toyota’s handling and probably braking. Will it damage the 4WD? Probably not.

As long as all 4 tires are the same, it shouldn’t hurt the car much, and the size you list is so close to the original that it might not affect much at all

The AWD will not know what size the tyres are, it will know if you have different sizes on however, and that is where the problem would be. Just keep all four tyres the same size and the same amount of wear.

Remember the spare.  It need to be the same size also and using it, even for a short time can cause expensive damage if it does not match the other three.


However placing your spare on may cause damage as it is matched to the OEM size.

Watch out for increasing the aspect ratio with the same tire width. Going to 225/75/16s will increase the tire diameter by almost 1 inch. Can you Highlander handle the change without scraping the fender when turning?

5 millimeters is less than a quarter inch

The tire industry is destroying itself as it runs out of shelf-space…Nobody can stock 400 different size tires…

Jtsanders is correct. The difference in diameter is about an inch. Don’t forget that the aspect ratio is going from 70% to 75% here, that’s the kicker.