Wider tires?

I have stuck with manuf spec.
Now considering going for wider tires just because it looks nice.

Would it make steering difficult?
Any reason why I should not?

1999 Integra

Wider tires will have a higher rolling resistance reducing fuel mileage. And if it snows where you live, wider tires aren’t good either.

The engineers/designers at Honda spent millions of dollars to figure out what size tire worked best on the vehicle. And you’re going to second guess them?


Thanks Tester

You can put wider tires on the car, but you should not put wider tires on the currently mounted wheels. If you want wider tires, get wider wheels that can safely handle the wider tire. If you use the same wheels you have now you could only go one or two (at most) sizes up and that won’t look much wider so why do it? It throws off the speedo reading and might degrade handling and ride quality. If you are heading into winter in a snowy area, wider tires are usually worse in snow than an equivalent narrower tire.

Benefit “looks”, negatives everything else.

You have to be careful how you state this.

Most folks use the term “wider” to also mean the aspect ratio changes in order to keep the same diameter. In that case, the rolling resistance gets worse, as does the ride, hydroplaning resistance, and snow traction (except for completely snow covered roads), while the dry traction, wet traction (except for hydroplaning resistance), and handling get better.

But if you mean that the width - and only the width - is changing, then that is going the direction of better rolling resistance, better dry traction, better wet traction (discounting hydroplaning), but worse hydroplaning resistance, worse snow traction (except for completely snow covered roads),

If you at the same time lower the inflation pressure appropriately (getting the same load carrying capacity), then the ride also improves, but the rolling resistance does not.


These changes are small compared to the differences between tires - meaning tire make and model. Careful selection of tires can result in performance improvements, albeit with a loss of performance in some other area. Just remember, tire performance is a compromise and you have to select a tire where the compromise works for you.

Any reason why I should not?

Do you drive in snow??? Wider tires will give you LESS traction in snow.

sciconf wrote:
Now considering going for wider tires just because it looks nice.

This confuses me. Is there really a visual difference in a tire that’s maybe 10% wider at most? Do you plan on looking at your car on your hands and knees from in front or behind?

Are you sure you don’t mean going to a wheel with larger diameter and a tire with a lower aspect ratio?

Wider tires can rub, I wouldn’t do it. Go to tirerack.com and see what ‘+1’ option (1" bigger wheel and lower-profile tires) you have for your car that will not pose a rubbing problem.

What size tires are on your car now and what size are you considering?


If your wheels are at least 6" wide, you can go to 215/50-r15. Somewhere on the rim, there should be a stamp with the rim width on it. 6.5" or 7" wide rims would be better.