( whys )

a decent reason why the fluid of an automatic transmission should be changed at say about 60 to 70 thousand miles is the reality that the transmission fluid-atf is allways exposed to the outside atmospheir, over time the fluid shall get cotaminated by the air it-self, 5 to 7 years .

That’s one reason. There are more. Many maintenance schedules specify more often. Check your Owner’s Handbook, or the repair manual.

of course. the same applies to brake fluid., and engine oil, and antifreeze, and the scotch in my cabinet…

but the recommended interval for changing this is in your owners manual. why try to reinvent the wheel?

And your question is…?

and what does ( whys ) mean?

And why (do) you (write) in (paranthesis) in (this) and (other) posts??

Hmmm…Perhaps he himself has been “cotaminated” (sic).


oh geeze, i planted the brake fluid seed, now lets see what comes next, probably that tires should be rotated because they wear unevenly!