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Why would I work for Ford? does this work?

First, thanks for the warm welcome…& those that check out my blog, I hope you find it minimally entertaining at best.

Now, I’ve been out of work for almost 2 months & although I’m not in “panic mode” just yet, I do actively look for work.

I noticed today a local Ford Dealership is looking for a Warranty clerk.

Aside from NOT wanting to go back in to the auto business…and especially not wanting to work at a dealership again…let’s say I did go work for Ford, or any other dealership for that matter.

Does anyone know what happens when they go belly up?

Now, I know working for a dealership isn’t working for the brand directly…but what are the consequences?



Personally, I don’t expect Ford to go belly up.

Of Detroit’s big three, Ford seems to be in the best shape. Ford hasn’t asked for a government loan. They have only asked for a line of credit in case they should happen to need it because of the recession.

Also, when Chrysler goes belly up, Ford will get a share of their loyal customers.

If I were in your shoes, I would feel good about taking the job.

Why Worry? You’re Unemployed Now! What Happens To The Dealer If If An Employee Goes Belly Up?

Ford is in better shape, financially, than GM or Chrysler, and the reliability and overall quality of their products is on the upswing. I wouldn’t worry too much about them going belly up.

Besides, you wouldn’t be working for Ford, you’d be working for the dealership.

The dealership itself may not survive, but that’s another issue.

I’m just so burnt out on “all things economic” I didn’t realize Ford was in the best shape of the Big 3.
I’m not even sure I am going to try to hard for it.
After 5 years of 60 hour weeks I’m not in a huge hurry to jump at the first thing I am qualified for…actually, the last thing I want to do is work at a dealership again.

Dealerships are independently owned and franchised to the brand on the sign. You’ve said that you know this so the next question has to do with the individual business capability of the franchisee you’d be working for. If Ford were to scale back the numbers of dealers, how would they fare ? Many dealers might have the capability to add or change brands to stay afloat, and to expand the used car sales and service capacity. investigate and consider the possibilities for job security within the market area you’re in at this dealership.

Do you know anyone who works at this dealership? You won’t work for Ford, but for a company that is franchised to sell Fords. This company probably also owns several other delaerships, so you might transfer if you do a good job. Maybe you could try it for a while. If it doesn’t work out, you can find another job while you’re working. No lost paychecks that way.

You would want to work for the company that built the retro Mustang, rather than the one that is too stupid to build a retro Camaro. I wonder if they are faking the Camaro like they faked the Volt. The original Camaro body must be sooo complicated.

You are out of work, but un-employment is handled by the state, not the dealer (the dealer just pays the state, not you and if your dealer is gone, you are still covered by the state.

I’d look more at the stability of the dealership. What kind of vehicles do they have on the lot? What other types of vehicles do they sell - are they diverse? Our local Ford dealership also sells snowmobiles, ATV’s and has a decent used car lot. Do they have a good reputation for a repair shop? If Ford declared bankruptcy - it would only be a restructuring. A diverse dealership could (depending on your area) branch out to other makes and be quite stable. A poorly run dealership can go out of business even if Ford never had a problem.

Ford is the realaitively healthy one of the litter, however one reason they are so is because "ol Bill (withe the help of Mulally) has for the past years been reduding the number of dealerships. Constraints have been and are being implemented that cause only the healthy dealers to remain. Whether this dealership is one may not be possible to know.

But hey, you’re out of work and have a job offer. If the pay and benefits are reasonable you may not want to be too picky. Not in the current econmomy.

I would go back to work if possible…unemployment benefits are not infinite…work while you can. We don’t know what the future holds. It appears to be the most solvent of all American companies.