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Why OH Why

Can anyone tell me why I have recieved no comments on the saturn ion window issue a few threads back. Tried yesterday with no comments also. Am I doing something wrong?

Ho, hum… Oh, sorry – what was your question again?


a few threads back

Maybe nobody has any ideas. Maybe those who have an idea aren’t sitting by the computer this weekend.

thanks for responding.

There should be 12 volts around the driver’s door switches somewhere. Since that’s the door that opens and closes the most, I would check for a broken wire in the harness that runs from the driver’s door to the body. Maybe something let go from all the flexing. Just a guess…

…I went on strike b/c I didn’t get my paycheck this week.

Sorry - couldn’t resist.

It is the case that some threads don’t get responses for various reasons. Sometimes it is just b/c no one has any ideas.

Keep in mind that they keep getting pushed down in the list. The best thing to do is go reply to it yourself. If you have nothing to add at the time, just type “bump” into the reply. That sends it back up top.

Thanks but I could find no problem at the wiring harness at the door where it flexs.

If you can’t fix it, auto glass places usually can. I hope I never have a window problem but the last one only cost me $60 and I didn’t have to do any of the work.